Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mountain Monsters on Destination America

There are creatures both legendary and unidentified roaming the Appalachian Mountains, and a band of hardcore hunters and trappers have made it their life's work to investigate them. For generations, supposed sightings of these monsters -- with such names as Wolfman, Devil Dog, Wampus Beast, Mothman and Lizard Demon -- have occurred along the 1,500-mile stretch of mountains, and it wasn't until the members of the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings had their own personal encounters with these creatures that they became believers. Now, the AIMS crew, led by founders ``Trapper'' John Tice, Jeff Headlee and Willy McQuillian, use both traditional techniques and modern technology to track, trap and capture these monsters. Maybe AIMS will snag its first one while cameras are filming ``Mountain Monsters''!

The six-episode first season of MOUNTAIN MONSTERS premieres Saturday, June 22 at 10 PM E/P.
7/25/2014Grassman's Revengeance
In the Season 2 finale, the AIMS team travel back to Perry County, Ohio, to settle an unfinished score with a massive Bigfoot-like creature. As they work to unravel the mystery of the Ohio Grassman's identity, they face great danger.
7/18/2014Bloodless Howler of Harrison County
Eyewitness leads on a vicious canine-feline hybrid dubbed the Bloodless Howler.
7/11/2014Hogzilla of Hocking Hills
The team try and track down a wild boar in Hocking Hills using a steel cage.

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