Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hell's Kitchen (US) on FOX

Chef Gordon Ramsay returns for an 11th season of his hit cooking competition in which aspiring restaurateurs compete for a life-altering prize. During their time at the intense culinary academy, contestants take part in rigorous cooking challenges and dinner services under Ramsay's fiery command. Each week, a losing team is determined, and two contestants from that team are put on the chopping block. Ramsay must then decide which contestant is done at Hell's Kitchen, and who deserves another shot at competing for a coveted black jacket and the grand prize.
9/17/201416 Chefs Compete
Ramsay uses a unique recipe challenge to strengthen team communication; the teams work together to prepare a dinner service with special guests, including TV host Wendy Williams.
9/10/201418 Chefs Compete
The contestants learn about teamwork during a challenge involving pigs and potatoes; while the winning team enjoys a day on a yacht, the losers bathe their new livestock friends; a disorganized dinner service leaves chef Ramsay disappointed.
9/10/201417 Chefs Compete
The contestants take part in a team competition involving lobster ravioli.
7/24/2014Winner Chosen
The final two contestants must prepare five unique dishes, to be judged by renowned Los Angeles chefs; former contestants help with the final dinner service; a winner is chosen.
7/17/20144 Chefs Compete
The remaining four chefs sample one of Ramsay's complex entrees and then must re-create it correctly; two of the chefs face elimination.

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