Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Mysteries Of Laura on NBC

11/19/2014The Mystery of the Dysfunctional Dynasty
Religious motives are suspected in a couple's murder. Meanwhile, Laura and Jake look for a new nanny and encounter a familiar face in their search.
11/5/2014The Mystery of the Mobile Murder
A woman's body is found on a party bus, and the murder investigation leads to a beauty empire. The detectives become competitive during an annual mud race.
10/29/2014The Mystery of the Art Ace
A gambling ring is uncovered by the team while they investigate the murder of a gallery owner's son in Koreatown, and Laura reunites with her estranged dad as she prepares to go undercover as a high-stakes poker player.
10/22/2014The Mystery of the Red Runway
A political sex scandal breaks out and Laura attempts to find out more about the alleged mistress involved.
10/15/2014The Mystery of the Terminal Tenant
An unidentified body is discovered in a bathroom and detectives try to determine who the victim is.

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