Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Legend of Korra on Amazon Prime Instant Video

The Legend of Korra is set in the Avatar universe as a spin-off of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The new series takes place seventy years after the end of the Avatar: The Last Airbender story arc with new characters and settings. The protagonist of the new series, Korra, the Avatar after Aang, is a hot-headed and rebellious young woman from the Southern Water Tribe who is ready to take on the world. The series follows Korra as she faces an Anti-bending Revolution while mastering the art of airbending from Aang and Katara's son, Tenzin.
8/22/2014Enter the Void
When other plans fail, Korra suggests a brave idea to take on the Red Lotus and save the Air Nation.
8/22/2014Venom of the Red Lotus
Korra battles Zaheer, while Bolin and Mako duel Ghazan and Ming-Hua. The captive members of the Air Nation escape and band together to help Korra.
8/15/2014The Ultimatum
Mako and Bolin deliver an ominous message from Zaheer.
8/8/2014Long Live the Queen
Korra and Asami are stranded in the desert. The members of The Red Lotus negotiate with the Earth Queen.
8/1/2014The Stakeout
Korra learns the truth about the group that is planning to destroy her.

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