Monday, July 15, 2013

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake on Cartoon Network

7/29/2013Sky Witch
Marceline tracks the Sky Witch, but finds out that she may need Princess Bubblegum's help.
7/22/2013The Be More Party's Over
7/1/2013Wizards Only, Fools
After Starchy comes down with a cold and needs a magic cure, Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum disguise themselves as wizards and sneak into Wizard City.
6/24/2013Candy Streets
Lumpy Space Princess is robbed, but before she is able to explain the details to Finn and Jake, she faints.
6/17/2013Another 5 Short Graybles
A series of short stories with a common theme, hosted by a mysterious man named Cuber from the future. In this entry, Finn and Jake build a time machine. Meanwhile, Princess Bubblegum helps Cinnamon Bun overcome his fear of the dark.

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