Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet

From small towns in the South to remote areas of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, four eccentric but passionate members of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) embark on one single-minded mission: to find the elusive "creature" known as Bigfoot or the Sasquatch.
The team consists of Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) founder and President Matt Moneymaker, researchers James “Bobo” Fay and Cliff Barackman and skeptical scientist Ranae Holland. The series never questions the existence of Bigfoot, but rather documents the team's search efforts and study of evidence in an attempt to prove the existence of the elusive creature.[
11/30/2014Bigfoot Basecamp
The team go to Minnesota to examine photos of unusually large footprints taken by the manager of a rural resort, so they set up a home base in a nearby cabin and install surveillance cameras.
11/23/2014Bobo, Bobcat and the Big Red Eye
The team return to New Jersey in this 2 hour episode to investigate the legend of Big Red Eye and attend a town-hall meeting. Also: Cliff goes on a search with comedian Bobcat Goldthwait.
11/16/2014Baked Potato Bigfoot
The team are in Idaho to investigate alleged Bigfoot activity in the state's panhandle, and enlist a secondary scout team to help with the search.
11/9/2014Squatching in the Midnight Sun
The team splits up to cover more ground when they head to Alaska and investigate two areas separated by 500 miles of untamed wilderness; Cliff's hunch of an 'extra squatchy' area has everyone regrouping for a final push deeper into the woods.

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