Friday, May 23, 2014

Air Crash Investigation on Discovery Channel

Major real-life air disasters are depicted in this TV series. Each episode features a detailed dramatized reconstruction of the incident based on cockpit voice recorders and air traffic control transcripts, as well as eyewitnesses recounts and interviews with aviation experts. Sometimes, interviews with investigators who dealt with the disaster or even actual footage are featured.
In Canada, where the series originated, the show is called 'Mayday'. In the US it is 'Air Emergency'. Everywhere else it is called 'Air Crash Investigation'.
5/16/2014Qantas 32: Titanic In The Sky
On 4 November 2010, the pilots of Qantas Flight 32 were forced to deal with a series of failures when an explosion tore apart an engine on their A380.
5/9/2014Getting Out Alive
This special looked at how people survive aviation accidents, in part with demonstrations at the Czech Aviation Training Centre.
5/2/2014Imperfect Pitch
Experts investigate why XL Airways German Flight 888T spiralled into the Mediterranean sea in 2008. What deadly flaw was the Airbus hiding?
4/25/2014Terror In Paradise
Experts investigate an unexpected explanation for the fatal crash of Air Moorea Flight 1121 when they hear its pilot's anguished cry on the cockpit voice recorder.
4/18/2014Massacre Over The Mediterranean
In 1980, Itavia Flight 870 exploded over the sea. After 30 years of investigations, experts finally reveal the truth behind the mysterious disaster

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