Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dateline NBC on NBC

Dateline presents in-depth coverage of news stories. Rather than just reading news reports, as most news shows do, the reporters for this show research their subjects and interview the people closely involved to create an informative work of investigative journalism.
A 31 year old man in great health suddenly passes away, leaving behind three young children, a family is left wanting answers, but when his autopsy revealed that he had antifreeze in his system, the authorities want answers as well.
After a 29-year-old woman was murdered and found dead in her own driveway, the case went unsolved for several years, but her best friend led a group of determined women who sought justice for her by trying to find the identity of her killer.
12/6/2013Missing Marie
A woman vanishes. Authorities wonder: Is she is a runaway or a victim? Her secret life is revealed, and her son confronts a dark secret of his own.
11/22/2013Nowhere to Hide
Kate Snow tells the unforgettable story of two families as they struggle to survive the Westgate Mall.
11/20/2013Secrets in Seattle
A woman lost, found dead in a tangle of blackberries. What happened to Nicole Pietz?

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