Monday, September 30, 2013

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake on Cartoon Network

10/14/2013Red Starved
Finn, Jake, and Marceline get trapped in a cave. Finn must find a way for Marceline quench her thirst for the color red without having to suck Jake's blood.
10/7/2013The Box Prince
Finn meets the Box Prince—a cat with a box on its back—and learns that the Box Kingdom has been taken over by an imposter. Finn must therefore help the real Box Prince reclaim the throne.
9/30/2013Dungeon Train
All aboard! Finn and Jake discover a train where every car is a dungeon filled with a new foe for Finn to fight. Jake quickly gets bored and wants to leave, but Finn is having the best time and doesn't want to leave... ever!
9/23/2013Love Games
Slime Princess needs a husband or else she'll lose the Slime Kingdom to her obnoxious sis. Finn steps in to save the day, but first they will need to win a series of Love Games to prove to Slime Princess's dad that they are really in love. This is definitely not what Finn signed up for!
9/16/2013The Vault
When Finn starts sleepwalking and dreaming about the Green Lady he filed away in his memory vault, Jake and BMO help him tap into his repressed memories to uncover a secret past. Who is the Green Lady? And how is she connected to Finn?

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