Thursday, January 17, 2013

Miranda on BBC One

Sitcom starring Miranda Hart. It doesn't matter what Miranda attempts in life, whether it's dating or simply dealing with her overbearing mother, she always seems to fall flat, quite literally.
1/14/2013Je Regret Nothing
Miranda has been caring for her ill mother for five very long days.
1/7/2013The Dinner Party
Miranda has decided to prove to herself and her friends she can officially be an adult.
1/1/2013What A Surprise
Penny manages to embarrass her daughter after she decides to run for local councillor with Tilly supporting her. Gary decides to join the dating scene and Miranda decides she has to do the same. They both attempt to find dates for Stevie’s birthday party.
12/26/2012It Was Panning
Penny threatens to cancel Miranda’s Christmas unless she attempts to sort her life out. She makes her go into detox. Stevie has a new executive job and Miranda decides to try and get an office job as well but it all ends up proving too much.

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