Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NCIS First Season DVD Giveaway!

If you are new to Track My Shows the purpose of the site is to help you keep track of the TV shows you watch.  If you are a TV junky and follow many shows your most likely like me and cant remember which of the episodes you watched and what you missed this site is designed for you to help give order to the crazy world of TV today.  You can login to Track My Shows and start tracking by going to also feel free to enter our giveaway below.

A couple weeks ago I went on vacation and before I left I bought the NCIS The Complete First Season.  This is a 6 Disk set.  I watched this (it is gently used) And I am now going to have a Giveaway to let some one out there win this disk.

The giveaway is going to run from October 17th 2012 and December 9th 2012.  With multiple ways to enter.

1) Follow this blog and put a comment in on any post.  (in the comment tell me how you follow either email, reader, or GFC)
2) Like us on Facebook (leave comment there saying so)
3) Create an account on and follow at least one show and mark at least one show watched.
4) Each day between now and December 9th 2012 that you mark a show watched you will get a extra entry.

For entry 1 and 2 Please leave a comment here on the blog.  On please identify your user name you enter it too login (for Facebook you can find your user name on the User Stats Page on after marking a show watched it will show up on the top right.  See this picture for an example.

Please share this giveaway with your friends.  If you refer a friend leave me a comment for an extra entry.

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Benjamin Thomas said...

Really like all the new changes you've made! Keep up the good work and please enter me in the giveaway:)